Saturday, March 31, 2012

Middle-Age Alien Capoeria Hamsters

Rish and I have made no secret of our dislike for Michael Bay. Why do we dislike him so much? Well, despite the fact that his movies are shot in that asinine style where you can't tell what is going on and who punched who, he also is the frontrunner in that group of people in Hollywood that has no respect for the things we love.

We've railed about The Transformers movies again and again on the show. Neither of us watched past the first movie in the trilogy. Why? Mostly because those aren't The Transformers. They're some new fantasy that Michael Bay came up with. They're only Transformers in name. The rest is all his bullsh*t.

Now, Michael Bay is making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie, and, surprise surprise, he's showing the same respect for that source material too.

TMNT are okay, but I really don't give a crap about them. I was too old when they hit it big, so they don't mean a lot to me. I do, however, know several guys who are a little younger than me who love the Turtles the way I loved the Transformers, and I feel for them and the disrespect they'll be shown.

One guy I work with tells me that the Turtles are now supposed to be pan-dimensional aliens. Could be a cool idea, I suppose, but it's not TMNT, so why not just make your own damn story and quite ruining things other folks hold dear to their hearts.

I've already seen comments like: "It's just the Ninja Turtles, who cares?"

Well, I don't, I guess. But I know dozens of people who do, and I feel for them. Please, if any normals are reading this. Don't go see it. Let's stop rewarding Michael Bay for trashing things we love.

I know I'll not be seeing it. I probably wouldn't have anyway, but Michael Bay's name on it just made it certain.


  1. Yeah. I saw that (and I adore the TMNT) and had a very Hulk-like SMASH urges. But I won't be seeing it (which suckes because I have been hoping for another live-action movie and until I saw that, I was excited). :/

  2. I know we've gone over this half a billion times, but I've heard many people say that Michael Bay deserves a break, because "It's only the Transformers, a stupid Eighties cartoon made just to sell stupid toys." Like Stan Lee used to say, every character is somebody's favorite. "It's just Luke Skywalker. It's just Superman. It's just Raggedy Andy. It's just Jesus. It's just Captain Caveman."

    Okay, maybe that last one is a little much. It IS just Captain Caveman, after all.

  3. Captain Caveman is my favorite. :(

  4. I'd say Michael bay was the Uwe Boll of comic book films, but that would be a disservice to Uwe. Postal was actually not bad, but yeah the rest of their bodies of work line up well.