Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Promised

I've been saying I would for months and months...

And now, finally, I'm working on edits of a story I wrote. A lot of work to be done. Too bad I'm not a better writer. Maybe I should write more. I've heard from various sources that that is how you get better, but I still don't believe. I think it's just that I lack a really good muse.

Isn't prolonged bouts of hard drinking the way you gain a good muse? That's what muses are drawn to, right?

There you go. I've finally found the solution.

I'm off...

Oh, wait, I've got to finish the edits first. Damn, looks like I'll never get better as a writer, because I don't even have time for heavy drinking.

At any rate, look forward to some stories about ugly people turning pretty, coming to a, internet retailer near you!

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