Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ugly Sweater 3

Ha ha! I found it!

I think this one might be worse than the last one. However, when I got it back in the day, I thought it was the most gorgeous sweater ever. Funny how tastes change as time passes. Things that are cool, stylish, and pretty, become lame, tasteless, and ugly. Weird.

So, which sweater do you think is worse, this one or yesterday's?


  1. I think I'm most amused that you are wearing jean shorts with that knit sweater. If we ever wondered which way you swung...

    1. Hey, jean shorts used to be cool. Not sure why I'm wearing them with a sweater, but...

      That's why I post these things, to keep you wondering. There's no fun in life if everything is just answered for you.

  2. You wanted to be Bruce Willis in Moonlighting didn't you?
    It's ok. We all kind of did.

  3. While Big's never mentioned this before, I TOTALLY did (still do). I remember telling my dad I wanted to get my hair to look like David Addison, and he laughed at me. "His hair looks like that 'cause it's falling out!" he said.

    It just occurred to me: maybe that's why I brush my hair back like that.

  4. And yet an oversized sweater like that with short shorts is very fashionable among high school girls now. Imagine that ;-)