Friday, January 18, 2013

Anklecast 3

So, I'm sucking. I haven't even gotten past the outlining stage of my first story for 2013. I talk about my difficulties, beg for a little help from my listeners, and give a synopsis of my story in this latest Anklecast.

Listen, and then comment, please.

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.

Photo courtesy of ultraBobban



  1. Sounds cool, sign me up.

    If the size is too daunting, maybe consider breaking it up into parts and focus on one of them at a time?

  2. My first question is: how long before you run out of Anklecast photos?

  3. It sounds like a good story. I have some suggestions as an outside listener. You can take them as you like. I think you may want to story in the middle to establish the characters and the thrust of the story better. I don't know how you feel about flashbacks in stories, but I think, especially if you are going for novel length, you could start with the modern-day Sunny and Grey. Show them arguing and Sunny getting frustrated by Greys references to the fairy world. Then give Grey a defining moment when he realizes he must go on a quest to give Sunny her "fairy" groove back. Then you can intersperse, not so much flashbacks, but backstory chapters to explain how Sunny and Grey met in the first place. I think that would keep the plot more immediate and driving from the start. If you start with the young boy in the glade and move forward detailing their relationship, it might run the risk of not being exciting enough in the beginning. Anyway, just thoughts I have as I listened to your synopsis.

  4. My advice is: Sit down and write. The first draft is going to be bad anyway, so just WRITE. Fix it later, get input later, edit it later. WRITE.

  5. I just discovered Anklecast is in iTunes, lol. Now I'll probably catch up even quicker.

    My hope is that by now you've started this story and are working on it. Please do write it! I liked the premise and the idea of Sunny forgetting and Grey having to go on a quest to help her remember. I do like Marshal's suggestion, too, about having their meeting in flashbacks.