Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The NMX Panels

We spoke at the New Media Expo. I feel like I've forgotten to mention that. Maybe it's because we had lots of fun doing other things, but there was a point to this trip, other than just to have a vacation.

Yes, we were in fact, speakers.

That was pretty cool. It was kind of a big honor to me. I've been to conventions to sit and listen to speakers, but I don't know if I ever thought I'd be a speaker myself. So, standing there at the big cardboard display announcing my panel, and seeing my name, if misspelled, underneath it was kind of a rush.

I was pretty worried about the panel beforehand. Probably just because I'd never done anything like it before, but I kept expecting to be sitting there on the stage blabbing away only to have someone in the audience stand up and start shouting, "Fraud! You are a fraud! You don't know anything! Boo! Boo! Bow down to her! Bow to the queen of filth, the queen of slime, the queen of putrescence! Boo!"

That never least outside of a movie it never happened. Of course, there weren't a lot of people in attendance at the panel, and even fewer that I or one of the other speakers didn't already know. So, that might explain the lack of crazy old, wart covered witches calling me the queen of slime. But also, I really do know what I'm doing. I've done it for years. And I even had a hand in the development of everyone that came with us to the conference. So, I ought to be proud and confident, instead of fearing an unmasking to reveal the fraud beneath. But, I guess that's just my insecurities refusing to go away.

At least Scribe brought her apple along, so everything worked out in the end.

The panel was very sparsely attended, which is a bummer, but something we were prepared for, because we'd just finished sitting through Renee, Marshal, and Bryan's panel, which garnered similar attendance.

Which is a real shame, because both their panel and ours were really good. They contained a lot of good information that could have been used to create a great fiction podcast. But maybe next year, I guess. I mean, that was their point, to build up something that people would bother attending because it speaks to their interests and needs.

And what speaks more to your needs than these guys? Amiright?

Well, anyway...Abbie made a recording of the panel, and also the NMX folks said they were making recordings of everyone's panels and would be sending us links to those when they become available. So, when that becomes available, I'll make a post that will show you what you've got to do to hear them if you'd like. For now, all you get is pictures. You'll have to imagine how the panel sounded.

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