Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still No Anklecast?

I know that all my thousands upon thousands of listeners are concerned and upset. Why is there no new Anklecast? Didn't he promise us to do one a week? What is wrong? Is he trying to duck the reckoning that he has to make for not fulfilling his goals that he trumpeted from the hilltops?

Well, there's nothing wrong, and I'm not trying to avoid that reckoning that I'll have to make. In fact, the real problem has been the weather. A podcast shouldn't be affected by the weather, I mean it's not a baseball game after all, but my podcast is one of the few that has to deal with it, because I record it on my drive to work. And for several days in a row, my drive to work has looked like this:

And because of that fact, I haven't felt safe in recording a podcast. If the bluetooth headset I bought had worked, then maybe we wouldn't be having this discussion, because I could have just recorded it hands-free, but it didn't. Not sure why, but there you have it.

Kind of crazy that we've had three days in a row of big snowstorms all hitting at around the same time so that the morning commute is a huge mess. I fully meant to record on Monday morning, but skidding on the freeway when traffic suddenly ground to a halt in front of me put me out of the mood. And I decided that I'd have to wait until there was a better day for it. Still waiting.

Anyway, this is a hugely rambling entry in which I say the same thing over and over again, so I'll cut it here. Only one other thing to say, this entry is really rambly, and I keep repeating the same information, so I'll stop now.

Thanks for being there and for caring everyone. Talk to you soon.


  1. I do not envy your plight! I've never had to drive in snow, and it seems a little scary (black ice??). Good for you for being a safe driver.

  2. The only other podcast in a moving car I know of was recorded in an area that gets almost NO snow(South Carolina). Coincidence? I think not. Stay safe. We don't need the final episode to end with crashing sound effects.

  3. Bad weather or not, you should still be writing your story. When you fail, you make all white men look like failures. We've had it too hard for too long to fail now.