Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I think these kinds of things are popping up everywhere, but they definitely have them all over the place in Houston. It's a specially designated parking spot for a certain category of people. I suppose they are an extension of the usual handicapped parking spots, but they definitely aren't handicapped spots. Like my local Kroger that has spots reserved for expectant mothers. Or this one that I saw at the H-E-B the other day:

It was a big empty spot right near the front reserved for "customer with child parking".

It was a Thursday at 9:15 AM. All the kids were at school, right? There probably wasn't anyone coming to claim that spot...and it was just sitting there being wasted by not being used...and I'm pretty sure there's no way they can even punish me for parking there, because there's no law--they can't give me a ticket--it's just their own little thing they're doing on their own...and besides, I have a child, hell I have four children, so this parking spot is for me, right? I mean, okay, they're not with me right now, but, like, on a government form I could check the box that is marked "customer with child" if there was to be such a form--maybe a census form or, technically...

In the end, I wussed out and parked way down at the end of the line. I'm sure that even if I did have my six-year-old in tow on this morning, I'm still probably not what they meant.

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