Monday, April 9, 2012

Fitness Challenge Update #4

This week was a hard one. My daughter had her birthday party which included pizza, soda, candy, chips, ice cream, and cake (an awesome cake I might add, if you haven't seen it, scroll down to the earlier post about it). I did a terrible job resisting that stuff.

Then came Easter.

Wow, what a failure that was.

Lots more candy, suckling ham, and carbs, carbs, carbs.

Anyway, this week could have been more successful. I didn't do terrible, but I definitely didn't lose weight. In fact, I gained a pound this week, putting me at 263.

So, it's back on the bandwagon for me.

Last week, I was leading the contest at work, having lost %7.84 of my body weight. The second place person was right behind me, however, with %7.4. The new stats aren't posted yet, so I don't know if that person had similar problems to mine, but I can only hope that I held on to the top spot. Doesn't really matter though, because I'll be taking it back again next week.

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