Monday, April 16, 2012

Fitness Challenge Update #5

Something's wrong with me. I can't figure out what it is, but I feel all messed up.

For the last week, I've been feeling as exhausted and sore as though I'd run 10 miles the day before...except that I hadn't. Once I started feeling this way, I stopped working out, and rested instead. But it didn't go away. I tried doing yoga on Monday to see if that would make the soreness go away, maybe I was just too tight from not stretching enough. It didn't make any difference. I did work out on Thursday, it made me feel all the more exhausted, so Friday morning, I just stayed in bed an extra hour. That didn't really help either.

After working in the yard Saturday, I took off my shoes, and noticed that my ankle had swollen a significant amount. What the crap was that about? I had not turned, twisted, or banged my ankle. What was happening to me?!?

The next few days has brought more swelling to my ankle. I don't know what it means, and what's wrong. What I do know is that I am sore up and down my legs and in my arms as well, and there's no discernible cause behind it. It's probably something terminal, but at least we recorded that final episode already.

As far as that pertains to my fitness challenge, I don't know how I can keep losing weight without doing exercise every other day or so. I did okay last week, rebounding from my bad Easter week. I lost about three pounds, getting me down to 259. I was so excited to finally be under 260, as I've been teetering on that brink for at least a week. But it wasn't enough, I'm no longer in first place. My closest competitor had an even better week, and took the lead from me. And there's another person who is just behind me as well, ready to dump me all the way back to third place soon.

I'm going to the doctor to see if there's something serious going on at the end of this week. I suppose that unless I'm given a clean bill of health, this contest won't really mean a lot to me anymore, but I really would like to win it. Especially after having the lead for so long. I need to figure out a way to exercise despite my aches and exhaustion. My torso is the only non-sore place. Maybe I could just do pushups and stuff like that for my workout each day, and leave my legs out of it.

Who knows. I guess we'll see what this week brings me.


  1. That sucks. Keep us posted on what the doctor says

  2. You should definitely go to the doctor. It's probably not something terminal, but it could be something a heart problem or an electrolyte imbalance. Yo-yo dieting and exercise are hard on your body - sometimes harder than just being fat. Or it could be something totally unrelated to the weight loss. But, yeah, don't mess around. Get that checked out. It would not surprise me if doc wanted to do an EKG and blood work. If you have chest pain, you should go to the emergency room.

  3. The elliptical machine is supposed to be a really good workout with low-impact on your joints (such as ankle and knees). Do you go to a gym where you could use one? That way you won't have to leave your legs out.