Friday, November 8, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day #7

Today's Word Count: 8

Total Word Count: 2442

Yes, I really did write eight words yesterday.

With my head aching the way it has been all week, I've been trying to get more sleep to see if it helps. Which means I haven't gotten up early to write since Monday.

My lunch break is one of the other times I try to write each day, but on stressful days at work, I need an actual decompression period before I can do anything of worth. Yesterday was one of those days. It just happens sometimes when you're doing a live television show...actually it doesn't just happen sometimes, it happens a hell of a lot. This week has just been bad for that.

And I had to meet Rish right after work to see Thor: The Dark World. We podcasted an episode of TGMG right afterwards, and I got home at about 1:00 AM, so instead of writing, I went to bed.

Eight words is not the kind of total I'm looking for, so I'll be sure to improve it tomorrow.


  1. Keep going, Big! See what you can do during a stressful month. And then pick a less busy month in the new year and try for 50,000 words again.

  2. Good luck, Big. Hope you feel better, sir.