Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanks For The Nudge

Today's Word Count: 1055

Total Word Count: 4366

Special thanks to Herb for getting on my case...I think it was Herb. That's what I remember, but I can't find the comment any more. He wrote a comment, saying, "come on, Big, it's been three days and still no word count."

It was the motivation I needed. I should have gone to bed hours ago, but instead, I stayed up and wrote. And I'm glad I did, because I really got in a groove, and managed to write more than a thousand words for, I believe, the first time since November started.

That comment was exactly what I needed.

I'm still having a hard time fitting the writing in. I think tomorrow will be difficult if not impossible because of my commitments that await me.

That, and trying to fulfill all my goals is making me work a little towards each and fall short on all.

I've been using my time that I could be writing to go running instead, because I really want to make it to 500 miles before the year is out, and I have a good chunk of change still to go.

But I'll keep working. Because it's worth it.

So, thanks for your help and comments, Herb, and everyone else too. It means a lot.

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