Saturday, November 9, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day #8

Today's Word Count: 869 Dude

Total Word Count: 3311

When your word total on the day is yesterday's total plus a 69, then things must have gone well, right? Well, they didn't go well like that, but I did wind up with a respectable total, and that's cool.

It was actually this close (my fingers are close together here, you'll just have to imagine it) to being another no words written at all day. I had gone the entire day with no words written, night had come, everyone had gone to bed, and it was my chance to get some writing in. But instead I spent perhaps an hour looking at old pictures that my dad gave me the other day. He's scanned all our old slides, so these are pictures I haven't seen in forever, if at all, and I was interested. Then I thought I'd better get a couple of episodes of That Gets My Goat uploaded and posted before Rish decided to kill me for not doing it all this time. So, I did that. (If you haven't listened to those outtakes I uploaded last night, you should. Rish made this amazing montage of outtakes that you have to hear to believe). I wrote a blog post after that for my family blog that none of you all are invited to, so don't look for it. And that was challenging, because it was hard to figure out how best to tell the story that had happened.

But finally, I decided that I had wasted as much time as I could get away with. There was no more ducking it. I opened my story file, and started pecking away. It only took me a half hour to write nearly 900 words. If you're really enjoying the point of the story you're writing about, it's easy to write fast. I guess that's the key. Make the story something you really want to write about, and you can write 1,600 words without much trouble at all. I could, if it hadn't been 1:30 AM by this point, have probably made it to 1,600 without too much of a struggle.

I suppose that I got lucky this week, and the baby didn't wake up and stay up all night, like last Friday. So, that was good.

It was a lot of fun, and I'm almost done with chapter one. Just a couple of words about how he can see fairies still on the walk home, and then it's on to chapter two. That's exciting. The idea that I could actually write a novel, a book, not just a short story, but a friggin' tome, is really exciting. Especially since I have several ideas for books, but I've always felt they were out of my reach, since I couldn't even keep it up long enough to get a short story written. I guess I'm going to go and see if I can get my words in for today now. To bad I can't count all this diarrhea of the, keyboard as part of my word total. I'd be at 500 already.

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