Friday, February 7, 2014


So, I challenged Marshal Latham to a weight loss contest, since he had sounded amenable to it in the past.  Then, Jeremy Carter decided to join in with us too.  If you want to join us, just comment, and I'll add you to the list too.  I'm excited about the possibilities.

I'm going for it.  I've been trying really hard to keep to my diet.  I made my big salad again, and brought it to work with me.

I also ate an omelette for breakfast made with one egg, and a serving of those Egg Beater things.  They're lower in calories, supposedly, at least that's what my wife says.  I chopped up mushrooms, onions, and red bell peppers to put in it, and then added one slice of ham and one slice of cheese for flavor.

I may have to drop the ham and cheese eventually, because of the added calories, something like 150 cals for one slice of cheese and one slice of ham.  But I may be going too hardcore, as well.  I've heard that if you eat too little, you won't lose weight either, so I don't want to go there.  What would suck more than going without food, and not losing weight too?

Yesterday was a bit of a snafu on my part.  I've been bringing a large amount of pre-cooked meat to work, and keeping it in the freezer ready to go, so it's easier to pack my lunches in the morning.  I ran out, but for some reason I thought I hadn't.  So I came to work with just an orange and an apple for snacks.  When lunchtime came, I realized what I had done, and was bummed.

Yesterday turned out to be one of those days in news where there's a big event going on, and we were covering it the entire day, non-stop.  So, leaving the station to get some lunch was out of the question.  Instead, I just had to stay here, and grin and bear it.

When it was time to go home after the five o'clock show, a special treat arrived.  Subway sandwiches to thank us all for the hard work we'd been doing.  I'm trying to lower my carbs, and those big French bread loaves aren't low in carbs.  I should have turned my back on those sandwiches and walked out.  And, had I eaten anything all day, I would have, but I was so famished, that I ate three sandwiches instead.  They were big subs divided into smaller pieces, so three pieces probably equaled one footlong maybe.

Anyway, I don't know how much that derailed my progress, I refuse to weigh myself this morning.  I don't want to get discouraged if it did derail me greatly.  Instead, I'll wait till the week is over, giving myself time to make it up.


  1. Don't give up this is easier than your 500 miles can do this :-)

  2. Yeah, try to focus on what went well, not so much on a one-off. Otherwise it might get you down and you end up eating more... Wow, listen to me, the diet "expert"!

    Do you have a rough idea of your daily calorie intake? Myfitnesspal is a pretty good app for monitoring, including your exercise.

    I had a terrible week, putting on 5 pounds before I joined your challenge.

  3. Sign me up Big! I'm in. I'm weighing in at 254 right now and I'm supposed to be 200. -Tobias Queen

  4. Copy that, Tobias. You're on the list. Marshal says we weigh in on Wednesday. So, this Wednesday coming up, weigh yourself, and report us you percentage. I'll make a post each Wednesday for my weigh in, you can report it on the comments.

  5. Is it too late to say add me? I need someone to help me stay accountable. I am at 148 now and to be at a healthy weight I need to get down to 125. I'm only 5'2", so... yeah. I'm trying to eat more real food and exercise more, with a goal of 300 miles run/walked this year.

  6. Not too late, Tena. I'll add you to the list. Wednesday is weigh-in day, so you'll be on the hook next week to report in.