Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weigh-In Day #1

Okay, so how'd it go this week. Well, it wasn't a total failure but it wasn't great. Here's what I weighed in at today:

Last week, I was at 278.6, which means I lost 2.6 pounds this week, or 0.93%.

Not terrible, for sure, having lost that in a week.  The reason I saw it wasn't great is that earlier in the week I weighed 274.  I lost several pounds, because I was doing really good, but then the weekend came along, and I fell flat on my face basically and gained half of the weight back.

I haven't started in with the exercising yet, which might be part of the reason why I find it so hard not to cheat on my healthy eating plan.  I was sick part most of last week, so I was waiting to get all the way to full health before I started wearing down my body with miles of running or tons of weights.  I think that exercising might really help me though.  For one, after working really hard, you feel a little more invested, and are less likely to undermine the hard work with gluttony.  So, I'm going to get on that.

But it's been difficult to get started.  My wife went out of town for some training this week, so I've been playing both Mommy and Daddy all week long.  That really cuts down on free time for things like running and weight lifting.

I also worried about this weekend, because it's Valentine's Day.  Surely My wife and I will go out to dinner and eat at some place that is fattening and unhealthy.  And also, chocolate is always involved in Valentine's Day as well.  Or at least some kind of candy, right?  Will I be able to turn it down?

As Ben Stein always used to say on that "Win Ben Stein's Money" show on Comedy Central from about 10 or 15 years ago, "I shall do my best."

So, Marshal, Jeremy, Tobias, how did you do?  What were your percentages?


  1. Have you tried kettle worx just a 20 minutes workout, but you do two thing at once to do more in one workout

  2. Well, I have invented my own unit of measure for this weight loss challenge. I have named it the Kessler, or its abreviation: Ksl. Last week I weighed 69 Kesslers. That's right: 69. This week I weighed in at 68.23 Ksl, making my percentage 1.11% for the week (percentage actually based on pounds).

    I didn't do any out of ordinary exercise (other than shoveling snow). I mainly focused on portion control.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention. I created a nice spreadsheet to track weight loss and percentage. I can send it out to anybody who is interested.

  4. hi you have inspired me to do a bit off keep fit i now do 30 minute a day on a exercise bike watching firefly. been good to watch it from start to finish and almost human episodes when the new ones come up. i'm backing you all the way. i take my hat off to you for doing the 500 mile run.

  5. Send me your spreadsheet, Marshal. I'd like to see how things go with it.