Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weigh-In Day #2

Sorry that this post is late. I had a splitting headache yesterday, and didn't feel like doing anything, including posting something on my blog. I'm starting to think that I might be one of those migraine sufferers. I get these headaches fairly often, and they really do make me want to quit on everything. And the headache hasn't gone away completely, it's still there on the fringe of my awareness certain to come back and plague me later today or something.

But I'm not here to whine about that, I'm here to talk about my fatness. So...

And I thought last week didn't go well. At least I lost weight last week. I weighed 276 after last week, and this week?

Yeah, so I'm up 1.4 lbs. Or, I lost -0.5%.

My biggest problem is that I can't be consistent, and consistency is the #1 key, I think. I tend to be good for 90% of the day, but during that other 10% I'm so bad that I make up for any good that I might have done. I just gotta figure out how to overcome that last bit.

That, and I need to get back to exercising. I haven't done anything since I finished my 500 mile goal on Dec. 30th. That sucks. But inertia is a hard bugger to overcome. I even got up early one day this week, and still couldn't get myself to actually exercise. Instead, I just sat on the bed, not going back to sleep, but also not doing anything of any worth either.

And I know that it matters too. When you exercise, your body gets filled with endorphins and all that feel-good stuff. People who exercise are happier, don't have depression problems nearly as much, and live worthwhile fulfilling lives. Then there's me right now. Unhappy, depressed, unfulfilled. I could make it all go away if I could only get up and run. That's my goal for this week. To get moving.

Tomorrow morning I will be up at 6:30 AM, pounding on that treadmill. And I'll post about it, to prove it. I swear. I really do.

Oh, that's my one goal of two. My other goal? To out-lose my wife. A few months back, she came up with this idea to help motivate us to lose weight. She made it a contest. Whoever lost the highest percentage on the week got to enforce a penalty on whoever lost the least. It broke down on us, when my wife decided that I had to help her clean the basement out. We didn't have time to get to it that week.

When I won the next week, I told her what she had to do, and she said, "sure, as soon as you clean the basement with me, I'll do that." The basement was a big job, though, and we simply never got around to it.

But this past weekend, we finally did it. The basement is cleaned out and organized. So, I have fulfilled my penalty. I told her the next day that now we were getting back onto the game again, and that I was going to win. We weighed in on Sunday, and I have to beat her, so I can force her to do all sorts of awful things that she'd never want to do otherwise, like maybe go running with me...

Anyway, I guess I'll let you know how that goes in a future blog post too.

Okay. So, I've reported. Marshal it's your turn. He was the only one who reported back last week, and the winner of the percentage as well. Tobias and Jeremy? Have you already dropped out? And also we have a new person that joined in, and it's thanks to her and her prodding that I finally got around to posting this report. Tena, how did you do? I'm afraid to find out, because she said she'd been good, so I'm sure she smacked me down good.

Anyone else want to join?


  1. Haha, I said I'd been good but I really just was good about accountability. but in all actuality I gained and lost.. so if you go from last Wednesday (I was at 148.8) I only lost 0.4 pounds for my weigh in yesterday of 148.4. I woke up Thursday morning with a please-kill-me-now head cold and zero energy, so my main goal was to meet my calorie goals and not go crazy with sugar in spite of Valentine's day and a massive family birthday party on Saturday. By Friday morning I had somehow gained 1.2 pounds.

    I managed to do ok with meeting my calorie goals, and also got in walking/jogging 5 1/4 miles once my cold was a little better (between Sunday and Tuesday). Beautiful weather helped. Even with meeting my calorie goals (and constantly reminding myself that I had to at least accomplish something so that you guys wouldn't be super disappointed in me, but that's probably just me playing mind games with myself). So my total loss? 0.4 pounds. A pittance. 0.27%. However, I learned a lot about keeping myself accountable. And I learned that Starbucks is 1.53 miles from work, so in my lunch break or an afternoon break I can get there and back in about 30 minutes (including waiting in line). On days when my husband has rehearsal that night(he's a musician) I can do the Starbucks walk, since I have kid duty those evenings and can't do my neighborhood run when they're in bed (they aren't old enough to leave home alone). On the other days, I can go for a walk/run with my dogs once the kids are in bed. This week was really about learning what I needed to do, and what I could do, and realizing that my mountain is waiting :-) and it's up to me to go and find it. So while it wasn't stellar for weight loss, it wasn't a total loss.

  2. Started out at 254, got the flu, now I'm at 252.5 (hmmm)