Thursday, February 27, 2014

Daily Food Report #1

I swore that I would, so here it is.  Yesterday, I mentioned in my post about my snack of strawberries and almonds...

After that, I ate my lunch, which consisted of a big salad, another serving of almonds, and a bowl of pulled pork that my wife had made.

Then I had my second snack of the day.  It was the same as the first.  Usually, I try to have a protein with my snack, maybe a cheese stick or a slice of ham or something, but I forgot to pack that in my lunch today.

Then it was time for dinner.  I had packed my bag pretty poorly today, so all I had left to eat was the rest of the pulled pork.  No sides at all.  I did still have more almonds though.  I have a whole mess of them in a container in my cupboard at work.  So that's what I ate.

That was pretty much it for me.  But, just to prove to you how honest I'm being.  I also ate a bite of a cookie that I bought for my daughter as a treat for doing a good job at her choir concert.  Here it is:

That is a sugar cookie with a crapload of icing on top.  More icing than I would normally go for, but my daughter's still young and doesn't know any better, and picks whatever has the most icing on it usually.  I only ate one small bite of it.  I wasn't tempted to have more, because I knew I would have to tell you, and also I my daughter wasn't in the mood to share today either.

So, that's all that I ate today.  I admit, as I type this before going to bed, that I am a little hungry, but not bad.  The amazing thing was how well it worked to keep me from eating garbage I don't need to be eating.  While I was at work, I considered grabbing a candy from the jar on my manager's desk, but I changed my mind, because I knew I'd have to photograph it and present it to you all.  After work, as I drove out, the urge to stop at the gas station and grab a candy bar hit me (as it has been hitting me every day for the last while), but I didn't even consider it, because I didn't want to shame myself in front of you all. 

I'm excited about the possibilities.  It seems like it might be a lot of work, but so is food journaling on the MyFitnessPal app or anything else like that.  This is just a more public, and therefore more accountable way of journaling.

We'll see how it goes.


  1. Peer pressure, the new health plan :)

    Totally got me beat on the healthy food report. I had 1 piece of wheat toast for breakfast with butter. Then lunch and snack later on throughout the day was a foot long wheat club with bacon from subway, tiny bag off Doritos too. Then dinner was chicken baked with Italian dressing and some asparagus and potatoes au gratin for sides. Not so healthy really. And way over 2k calories for the day I'm sure.

    Your doing great man! Food journals work, especially public ones. Keep it up and you'll hit your goals pretty quick man.

  2. Good progress... just remember we are watching. ;)

    Keep it up man, you can do it.