Friday, February 28, 2014

Daily Food Report #2

I hope this never becomes too tiresome.  I'd rather be sleeping right now, but instead, here's what I ate today:

My breakfast omelette.  It was one egg, a half cup of that Reddi-egg stuff (my friend Tom calls them Feggs, meaning fake eggs, and says he can't abide them, but I don't mind them as long as there's real eggs in there to make the taste right), chopped mushrooms and onions, and a slice of deli ham and Havarti cheese in the middle.  Not too bad tasting, and I think it only runs somewhere around 200 calories or less, and most of that is the cheese.

Snack one is some deli-sliced roast beef, four big strawberries, and a serving of almonds.  I always try to make sure every meal has the balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that I've heard is recommended.  Almonds are my go to fat, but I probably ought to branch out.  Olives are supposed to be good too, but I'm not a big fan.  My breakfast was missing its fat, because the avacados we had have gone bad on us.  I almost bought some more at the store today, but they were hard as stones, so I didn't bother.

Lunch was my usual big salad...

My usual serving of almonds...

And a serving of the same deli ham that had been sliced for my omelette.  My wife had cut these into cubes, I imagine for the baby to eat.  I was in a rush this morning, and it was the easiest thing to grab.

Snack two was the same as snack one, but this time with grapes. Probably could have eaten more grapes and been just fine, but my daughter packed that particular portion for me, and packed it daughter-sized.

For dinner, it was almonds again, and more ham.

And that's what I ate today. Again, I'm hungry right now, and could eat another meal, but I'd feel embarrassed to report that to you. What would I call it? "This is my second dinner, more ham, more almonds, screw it, there's a bunch of maple donuts right here," and that's where the Cookie Monster sounds start in. So, yeah, I'm not going to eat more. But what I am going to do, is report a great number to you all on Wednesday when I next weigh myself, because this whole thing really is working. I'm being good, and I'm excited about what results I'll see.

Maybe it'll be...this guy:

Sure he's and undead zombie, but look how skinny he is! He's practically wasting away...


  1. I think your breakfast sounds pretty good, actually.

  2. Yeah your breakfast looks pretty tasty. I'm impressed with how much protein you're able to get in each day, good job!

  3. I wish I was motivated to do something like you're doing. Not losing weight, fugg that, but in writing or self-publishing or something. That story I was telling you about on Monday, I very nearly sat down on Tuesday to force myself to write it through to the end (once I'd figured out how I could end it). But instead, I didn't. Very sad, very stupid.

    Meanwile, some-1 whoo rights sentence like thiss 1 just puts out 3 novells on in the some amout of tyme.