Saturday, March 1, 2014

Daily Food Report #3

Okay, so Friday is Pizza day, just like the Jonathan Coulton song says. My kids think the pizza that they get from the lunch ladies sucks though, so for several years, what we've done is buy a frozen pizza, and cook it Friday morning, and the kids take a couple of pieces of that to school. Well, with three kids and four quarters of the pizza, there was one quarter left over. Most of it I gave to the baby, after all he should get pizza day too, even if he's too little for school.  But I did eat this much myself.

That's like half a piece. Then I had my real breakfast.  I went to the grocery store Thursday night to beef up some of my usual foods.  So, I know have some chopped green pepper to add to the chopped onions and mushrooms in my omelette.  Of course there's the same egg and half cup of Reddi-egg, and the same piece of ham and piece of cheese.  I think I might have been wrong yesterday when I said my breakfast is 200 calories.  It's probably more like 250.  Add the half slice of pizza, and it's probably 350 today.

Here is snack #1.  Basically the same as what I ate yesterday.  Deli-sliced roast beef, grapes, and almonds.  But more grapes this time, because I packed them myself instead of letting my daughter dish me up a girl-sized portion.

Lunch was this pork chop, with asparagus...

My normal salad...

And of course a serving of almonds.

Snack #2 was the same as snack #1.  I actually overdid it with the grapes.  My bigger portion turned out to be huge.  So, I saved half for snack #2 and never did eat the apple that I'd originally brought for snack #2.

I got home, and was sorely tempted by the chocolate chip cookies that my wife and kids had made, but, notice there's no picture of them here?  That's right, I didn't partake.  Instead, I just ate the curry chicken that my wife had made for dinner.  It was so good.  Have you ever noticed that food tastes at least ten times better when you are hungry?  And I love this stuff normally.

And that's that.  I didn't eat the rice that was supposed to go with it, because I didn't want the simple carbs.  Those are supposed to be really bed when losing weight.  Complex carbs are good, but white rice is not complex.  I also didn't eat the naan bread that was supposed to go with it.  I'm not sure if that stuff is complex carbs, but I doubt it.

This thing is working so well.  Three days straight of perfect eating.  It's been a long, long time since I did that.  That's really exciting.  And the scale says I'm doing a good job too.  I'll let you know just how good when my official weigh-in comes on Wednesday.

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