Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Okay, that title might be a little overblown, but I kind of feel like it's true. From the time I finished college until about five years ago, I kind of feel like I went through life with my eyes closed. Just taking care of my family's day to day needs, and then sitting on the couch and letting my brain melt into a puddle that pooled in the back of my skull.

A few years ago, however, purely by chance, I started listening to podcasts that branched out my interests and knowledge. Those led me to YouTube, where I found even more things that I'd never know, but always suspected there had to be a different story behind them.

I found this YouTube channel a few months ago called What I've Learned. It is filled with very interesting information. I try to be skeptical about anything I find on the internet, and I know that there are so many different opinions out there about everything. But I also can see (unlike many people who are close to me) that the status quo is not working out for us, especially not for me.

This video here is almost the story of my life:

There's also a ton of other good videos on this channel and others. I've decided I'd share them with y'all, and you can poke holes in them for me if there are some that need to be poked. Check out this first video about fat:

What do you think of it?

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