Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Explosion of Flowers

Most of what was here when we moved in were plants that we didn't want to keep. Our backyard was a huge jungle of overgrown trees. It was so bad that when we cut down a lot of the trees to clear out a little space, we discovered a big statue that had been hiding back there without any of our knowledge.

But our front yard had a surprise for us that was actually pleasant. These bushes had been plain old green leaf bushes up until this week, when they exploded into this:

These bushes are freaking beautiful. Probably should have trimmed them before the blossoms erupted, but that's okay, we'll get to it when they start falling off again.

It's nice to get a positive surprise for once instead of something like, "hey, your hose on your sink has been leaking for a while now, and all the wood underneath is completely rotten. Surprise!" I'm tired of those.


  1. look like azaleas they are beautiful https://www.southernliving.com/home-garden/gardens/azalea-plants

  2. Cool. Thanks, maryjane. I'm always so clueless when it comes to the names of plants. That's usually my wife's thing. I think she knows them because she's the one out buying them...and buying them...and buying them...