Thursday, March 18, 2010

Method To The Madness

My wife has been struggling with the same cravings for our old lifestyle as I have. We both want to be able to indulge a little bit, without going overboard. I've been having one or two of those mini Hershey's chocolate bars a day (they're mint chocolate, so I couldn't just pass them up altogether). My wife decided that she would have chocolate covered almonds, because she came across a big bucket of them at Costco the other day.

The problem with Costco sized buckets of almonds, however, is that they are virtually bottomless. So, if you lose control and start eating beyond your self-imposed limits, there's no end to the damage you can do to your weight loss aspirations. My wife has been running into that problem, and so she has requested that I hide the bucket of chocolate covered almonds from her. Which, of course, protects her, but only puts me in greater danger. I guess I need to take that bullet for her though, because these almonds have driven her to some seriously neurotic behavior.

The other day, she had eaten too many almonds, and feeling guilty, she hopped onto the treadmill to walk off those calories. She couldn't however manage to quit chomping on those damn addicting things, so she ate chocolate covered almonds and walked on the treadmill at the same time.

I suppose, if you're going to eat chocolate covered almonds, the wisest place to do it is on the treadmill, after all.

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