Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes, those are Girl Scout cookies. Not just any Girl Scout cookies either. Those are Samoas.

Before we started into this whole losing weight thing, I was confronted with an order sheet at work. Who the hell turns down Girl Scout cookies? And at the time, I was a 295 lb. monster that ate a box of Girl Scout cookies for breakfast if I felt like it, then followed it up by eating the whole Girl Scout troop for lunch (okay, that's an exaggeration. I never ate a whole box of Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, but you get the idea). So, I ordered a box. Look at the restraint I showed already. I only ordered one box.

Then comes this whole diet B.S. I lose a lot of weight, and want to keep it off. I'm trying to avoid unnecessary temptation, and suddenly those Girl Scout cookies arrive. Could it possibly be worse?

Well, I'm here to brag. That box has been in my closet at work for a week. Eight hours a day for a week. So far, as the evidence in the photo proves, I've only eaten one, that's right ONE cookie.

Hopefully, I can keep it up. Of course, I'll have to eat them eventually, because it would be a travesty to let those cookies get stale enough to need to be thrown out.

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  1. Way to go! Support the GS and still maintain your weight. I live with a GS and that's even harder! Talk about temptation! However, I've been able to eat only a few at a time, so it hasn't been all that bad.