Friday, March 26, 2010

I Wasn't Just Blowing Smoke...Like I Usually Am

So, after being so inspired by Mr. Tobias Buckell the other day. I used any free time I could scrounge to do a little writing. It was a little difficult, because I had to stop in the middle of some dialogue, but I still managed to get 500 more words written on the short story I've been working on. I'm calling it The Tenth Album. It may not be great, we'll see, but I'm moving forward, getting practice and going somewhere.

Here's a little word count meter thing that I found online and am going to post each day. I'm expecting the story to go 4,000 words, so I'm halfway there already.

I need to submit some stories, though, as well, if I'm going to get my 100 rejection slips by the end of the year...hmmm, maybe I could submit my story Black Angel to see what some folks will say. That's a story that I'm happy with, and done with, never to be revised again. I think I'll try Strange Horizons first. Off we go!


  1. There's a great site tool that I used all during NaNoWriMo called "Write or Die" which forces you to write a certain number of words in a prescribed amount of time. You can choose whatever level you feel comfortable with. You should give it a try. It's actually kind of fun to beat the clock. You can find it here:

  2. Only thing with "beating the clock", those of us who don't survive by writing get burned (or is it burnt?) out with that hanging over our heads. If you're gonna write, write. If not, watch TV. On a good week, I get 1000 words down. But, I have a 9-5, a yard, a wife, and other hobbies.

    I do like the word count tracker thingy, though. Wanna give us a link?

  3. Gee, Clay, that's a little rough. Juss saying the tool can be a fun challenge. I have made <$100 on my writing. I too have a full-time job, a yard, a home, a husband and two kids in college.

    Sometimes I just like to light a fire under myself to get me going again. It hasn't burned (burnt?) me yet. Plus, you choose your goal. As low as 100 words in 10 minutes, even!

    That's pretty low-stress.

    Peace! :)

  4. The Word Count Tracker I found with Google. It was at

  5. @Liz: Not jumping, not jumping. I had put myself under a deadline at a "contest" website (no prizes, just attaboys) needing less than 2000 words a week. It got to be a problem for me. Too much stress, not enough fun.

    @Bigg: Thanks for the link!

  6. I usually try to go 1000 words a day when I am working on something. My biggest problem is my short stories still tend to weight in over 9k words which is beyond the submission guidelines to a lot of the podcasts I listen to :/

  7. I did try out the Write or Die program, but I put Corey Haim's name in instead of my own, just as a goof.

    Then the *strangest* thing happened when I didn't complete my goal.