Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Stopgap

So, while we try to figure out what to do with my ailing iMac (do we take it in to see what the repair guys say? replace it with a used one? Give up and go PC?), we picked up this little Compaq laptop computer.It was cheap (relatively), so now at least we have internet access at home and so forth. My wife has gone a little gaga for this thing though. She forced me to run out to the open-late Walmart to buy a wireless router. She just can't wait another minuter for "her" computer to do what it is designed for. She wants to be able to sit in her bed, watching movies off of or surfing the net. And yes, she did call it "her" computer. I've already been evicted from this thing before I could even move in. I'm not too upset though. I'd like to be able to stay Mac if at all possible. We'll see. I think I'm taking the old computer to the shop tomorrow.


  1. well, this one is dead sexy.

  2. You should _definitely_ both have a computer. I cannot imagine trying to live peacefully with anyone without my own computer.

  3. Your posts lately have made me too sad to play dodgeball.