Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Idea

So, I mentioned that I'd had a new idea for a story that I wanted to write, and that I'd talk about it next I guess it's next time.

I was having a conversation with a guy at work who's really into music. We were talking about Van Halen, and he told me the story of a terrible Van Halen concert he'd attended. I think it might have been during the times that Eddie was really drunk and worthless, but he thinks it was right after he'd come out of rehab, and his problem was that he wasn't drunk. Either way, the concert had been less than impressive for him.

I told him that I'd never seen Van Halen live, but I wished that I had.

He said, "Why would you do that? They were terrible!"

But there was just no way he could persuade me. I have way too many positive, glowing memories of Van Halen from my youth. In fact, the conversation that I had with this guy inspired me to go and get some old music from Van Halen that I'd never heard. Van Halen's tenth album came out in 1995. By that time I was all about Grunge and Ska, and hair band rock had been pretty much forgotten. I didn't care about Van Halen's new album.

So there I was, listening to this Van Halen album I'd never heard before, and thinking, weird, this is like coming across an album from a parallel universe. That's when my mind started churning, and now, I'm partway through a story about Van Halen and parallel universes.

I'm excited about it. I think it'll be fun. I guess we'll see.

I'm going to try to write a first draft of at least one story a month, starting with March. This story will be my March effort.

I also plan on taking a story that I've already written and polishing it up to final draft state so I can submit it around once a month as well. The first story I'm going to do that with will be my Broken Mirror story from last year. I suppose that'll have to be sold as a reprint, since it's already available on the Dunesteef site.

I will report on whether I achieve either or both of these at the end of each month. If I don't, complain. I could really use some support to keep after this. I'm known to give up easily.


  1. Good goals! If you take even half my suggestions for that Broke Mirror story, it won't need to be sold as a reprint. :D

  2. But, but, but, which Van Halen? They're on v3.0 now, aren't they?

  3. They're past 3.0. They're back to Roth, but they've lost Michael Anthony, so it's still not the original lineup, but something else...maybe 1.1

  4. Ah, 1.1, version 2, then.