Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Okay, so I took...shoot, I nearly took two weeks off to let my shins heal and make running the last bit of this slog bearable. This morning I got out and ran another five miles. I am now at:


Gooooo me!

Unfortunately, about three and a half miles in I started feeling a little pain in my shins again. Maybe I wasted those two weeks, because they're just not going to get better.

Also, I've been overcome by a stuffy/runny nose and sneezing ever since I finished running this morning. If I get sick, then I'm sunk.

I've only got 54 miles to go, which I can totally do, as long as everything goes well. If I have to take more time off, I might find myself having to run 10 miles a day there at the end, and that's probably beyond my ability.

I'm going to win though. Like Metallica once said back when they still hadn't sold out yet, "Listen, dammit, we will win!"

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