Saturday, December 14, 2013

Still Going

Today I ran four more miles, bringing my total to:


That leaves less than fifty miles to go.

My alarm didn't go off when it was supposed to this morning (or else it did, and I shut it off and was back to sleep without even realizing I'd done so), so I almost didn't get to run.  My daughter had a piano recital at 10:30, and I'd promised the kids I'd take them ice skating after that, so if I didn't do it first thing in the morning, it wasn't going to happen.

I hurried as fast as I could, especially that last mile, running at a higher speed than I usually do for a longer period of time than I usually do.  But I made four, and felt glad that I did.  If I do less than that, I feel a bit like a slouch.  Especially with my deadline breathing down my neck.

Anyway, I'm still at it, and I have less than fifty to go.  Yeehaw.  If I did five miles every time I ran, I'd be done in ten days...not counting the rest days in between.

Let's see...I've got eleven possible days left.  Looks like I've pretty much run out of wiggle room.  I might have to start doing some really long runs on Saturdays or something.  Can't even budge to let Christmas or New Year's Eve get in the way.  Yikes!

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