Saturday, December 28, 2013

One More And I'm Done

Ran another five today.  Only one more to go.  Five that is not just know what I mean.

Now my total is:


I admit that I'm pretty glad that I'm almost done.  I'm tired.  I'd like to take a little rest, maybe let my shin splints heal, and build my strength back up.  Been wearing myself down so much this month.

Of course I can only rest for so long, because I'm supposed to start training for the marathon that I'm planning on running on April 19.  Doesn't give me much time to rest.  Maybe I should pick a different marathon, but I keep doing that, so maybe I shouldn't. 

After all, I was supposed to have run a marathon back in September, and if I'd really gone for it, I wouldn't have been here doing this desperate dash toward 500 miles on the last week of the year, because I would have made it to 500 right about the time I got to race day.

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