Monday, March 6, 2017

Anklecast 33: The First Video Anklecast

Okay, February is over, and Big Anklevich is back to report on his performance. Did he or didn't he achieve his goal? Did he or didn't he manage to write 500 words a day for an entire (short) month? And if so, how did that experience change him? What will the future be like?

Also, this Anklecast is a video podcast as well as an audio one. You can watch the video above, or click on this link to see it on YouTube. You can actually find all of the Anklecast episodes, Dunesteef episodes, That Gets My Goat episodes on YouTube if you prefer to consume them in that way. This link will get you to the page.

If you prefer the old fashioned non-video way, here it is. You're probably not missing much. Big Anklevich is not as handsome as he used to be when he was younger.

Right click HERE to download.

Music was "Crossing The Divide." Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of


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  1. I enjoy listening to Anklecast. I'm proud of you. Thank you for sharing your journey. Jay Dee