Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 11 Of March

Wow, super crappy day of writing today. I had a really bad headache the whole time, and just couldn't get any kind of flow to build. But I struggled through and managed 1,056 words. So, I'm still going.


  1. Anybody can write when they feel like it. But you writing with a headache reminds me of that Batman movie where Christian Bale is black and blue from learning to be a nighttime vigilante, and as soon as he rolls out of bed, he starts doing push-ups.

    That's you, my friend. Just not as much of a douche as Christian Bale.

  2. Just wait till you read what I wrote. You'd be like, "Oh man, those aren't real pushups! What the hell are you doing, Master Bruce. Those aren't even proper girl pushups. What is that? You're probably going to injure your back doing a pushup like that! Please stop."