Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 28 Of March

I wasted at least forty-five minutes surfing the internet, checking facebook, and all the rest of the crap that you do online when you're not writing like you should be. I keep doing that. I sit down to the computer with enough time to write and still get to bed at a decent hour, and then I waste and waste and waste that time.

I think next month, I'm going to stick with the 1,000 word thing, but the new rule is going to be that they have to be done before 11:00 PM. I gotta get better sleep.

Today, I got 1,020 words. It's barely over the limit, but I wanted to sleep, I'm just exhausted. My back always hurts, and so does my neck. Maybe if I got enough sleep that crap would quit bugging me. So, I stopped right there, and am off to bed. Goodnight.

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