Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 2 Of March

"C'mon, baby, no whammies!" I said, as I highlighted what I'd written so far today, and triggered the word count tool to add them up for me.

"Yes!" It took me less than an hour. The word count read 1,258. Fifty-four minutes to be exact. I know, because I set a timer to try to prod myself onward today. At the thirty minute mark, I was in the six-hundreds somewhere, and before another thirty passed, I was ready to be done for the day.

I was really nervous about the 1,000 words a day thing. It seemed like it might be a bit of a reach, maybe a bit too much just yet. But the last two days haven't been bad at all.

And seriously, if I can't dedicate an hour a day to something that I want to dedicate my life to, that I want to do for a living, then I probably ought to stop saying I want to be a writer. I think that might be a paraphrase of something Dean Wesley Smith said about whiny would-be writers like me. I'm finally taking his advice.

So, here's what my chart looks like today:

Day two under my belt.

Oh, and I finished another chapter in Sunny & Gray today too. That's eight finished chapters now. Giddy up!

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