Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 13 Of March

Got together with Rish last night, and we did our (new) routine of writing in Wendy's.

It looked like it might be a bust again, like it was last week when I forget to bring my wireless keyboard with me. This time, the keyboard didn't want to connect. I think the batteries might be getting low. I'll have to change them out. For the first ten minutes or so that I should have been writing, I was messing with getting my keyboard connected with my phone. Eventually, we both got writing though.

I love this thing. I wish we'd thought of it long ago. Can you imagine the amount we would have written over the years if we'd been doing this for the last nine years that we've been doing the podcast?

Way back in 2006, when Rish and I worked together, when our shifts ended, we would stay after work, and write for a half hour to an hour. I think Rish's story Sleep Talkin' Gal...or maybe it was the one about the possessed treadmill...was written in those days. And my story...you've never heard because it sucks was also written then.

Eventually, Rish and I stopped working together. We set up a weekly standing engagement so that a few years later we didn't run into each other at the Big Lots and say, "Hey, remember a few years ago when we used to be friends?" But for some reason we didn't find a way to keep the writing together thing going. What a missed opportunity.

Anyway, I set the timer for an hour, and wrote 1,112 words with Rish at that little bar. Here's my chart:

Still going. And enjoying myself in the process.

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  1. It kind of astounds me that you remember "Sleeptalkin' Gal" and the treadmill one.

    Heck, I don't even remember what the second one's title was ("Don't Tread On Me," it might have been called, or more likely "Run Into the Ground").