Sunday, February 19, 2017

Anyone Interested in a Collection?

Rish and I were attending a writer's conference all day today. There were a lot of very instructional panels filled with valuable information. In the end, though, the thing I was hoping to get most of all was a bit of an emotional boost. I wanted that feeling of excitement, that feeling that I could do it if I just put in the work, to help carry me forward with my goals for this month and beyond.

And I definitely got that. I feel great. I came home, and, because I was curious what it might look like and contain, I tried assembling a short story collection of my work to date that I am willing to share. I was surprised how it came out.

Going with the stories that I put in there, the book would be 116,684 words. That works out to approximately 466 pages of material. It would contain 24 stories. So, I'm curious who would be interested in purchasing such a beast if I published it?

Most of the stories are available elsewhere, including having been podcast on the Dunesteef. Would that dull your interest? Would the fact that some of them are still yet to have appeared there make it worth it? Should I make it much shorter, maybe make two volumes with half the stories? I'm curious what you all might have to say...

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