Saturday, February 25, 2017

Probably The End Of The Time Lapse Of The Day

I've been putting my (knock-off) Go Pro camera out on the property around my house since late January, recording time lapse videos of my house plus the crazy sky I might be able to get each day. I've been compiling them, and editing them together over music, to make a sort of ode to winter where I live. I wanted to get a bunch of winter videos, and then have it transition from winter to spring. That was my plan, but it looks like, barring some sort of miracle, that plan is out.

Somebody stole my camera off my tripod this afternoon.

My wife and sixteen-year-old son have already victim-blamed me for it. Apparently it's my fault for leaving it out there unsupervised. And sure, there are shitty people out there, so it was always a possibility, but I didn't steal it, and I sure as hell didn't force the fucker who did steal it to do that. So, I refuse to take the blame for their shitty deed.

There's a ton of teenagers in our neighborhood, and I'm all but certain one of them is the one using my camera now. Probably attached it to their fucking skateboard or some shit like that. When I said earlier that the time lapses were over barring some sort of miracle, the miracle I'm hoping for is a parent who knows their kid well enough to find it strange that they are suddenly in possession of a (knock-off) Go Pro camera, and forces them to return it. I know that's the longest of long shots, but it'd be nice. I've always tried to do good to others, so I feel that Karma ought to return the favor. But of course, Karma isn't real. It's just a nice fairy tale that some people like to tell themselves to feel good.

Anyway, I'm super irritated (if that hasn't been completely apparent by the amount of swear words I've spouted out during this post). I may buy a new (knock-off) Go Pro to finish my movie with. I'm only about a minute's worth of footage short of being done with it. I could probably wait a little while, since I need the spring shots now, and the weather has, after a few odd weeks of warm temperatures, taken a turn back towards winter again. These days, you can get super-cheap (knock-off) Go Pros from China. So, I'll probably do so. But I'd really prefer Karma.

Anyway, I went through my older shots that I have from earlier days, and picked one that would be my final time lapse in the series. I really like this one, and I hope you do too.

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  1. I would be interested in the footage of the kid time lapse-stealing your camera. Just imagine him skateboarding by, looking up from his iPhone, quickly looking back and forth to see if he's being watched, then racing up to the camera and grabbing it.

    If the NoPro records sound, it would be fun to hear him hurriedly say "This camera is lit!"