Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 28!!!!!


Today I wrote 763 words.

That's 500 words or more on every single day in February.

So, for some word count fun.

In February, I wrote 20,307 words.

In my current project, Sunny & Gray, I have written 24,671 words. That is 7 chapters, 5 of which I wrote this month. Which, if my math is correct, is 98 pages into my first novel (that's at 250 words a page, which I have heard is how it is figured in the biz). My character is still in 7th grade at the point of the story I'm in, and he's supposed to be in his forties when the book ends, so I get the feeling that it'll be a long book just to get me there. Probably a boring one too, but that's the way of it, right?

I also wrote a story called "Door Approach" that runs 3,114 words. That one probably isn't very good either, but isn't that what writers always think about their stuff? If I keep this up, I'm actually going to be able to call myself a writer.

And I finished up a story that I started several years ago, a weird idea I had where I took the audiodrama called "From Another World" that Rish Outfield wrote, and converted it to prose. I put 1,386 words in on that this month.

So, with some creative accounting, I wrote two stories and five chapters in my novel this month. I'd say that was a successful experiment.

And, as I said yesterday, I'm going to double my word count requirement in March. We'll see how awesome that can get.

And man, don't I look fat in that picture (and every picture of me for that matter)? That might have to be a goal soon as well.

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