Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jesca Hoop's Got A New Album

Back in 2012, which is a really long time when you think about it, one of my favorite musical artists released her last album of new material. Although none of you have ever heard of her, I pimped her stuff as much as possible, both on this blog as well as on Facebook. Now, after a five year wait, she is back with another album called Memories Are Now. Allow me to share some videos with you of some of my favorite songs she's made, in an attempt to convince you to become her fan and buy her album.

This song is called "Four Dreams". It's really freaking good. I can't help but want to dance around crazily when it plays.

This one is called "Tulip". It's got a kind of fantasy novel feel to it.

Let's see, how about this one from her first album called "Seed of Wonder". This is probably my favorite song she's ever made, it's really powerful and driving in a way that I once thought only heavy metal songs could be when I was a younger, less-experienced man.

So, there's a nice sampling of her stuff. Check her out. There's a channel on YouTube that has all of her songs for you to test drive. If you like Peter Gabriel music, then you will probably enjoy her. Their stuff seems pretty similar in style. She even toured the world as his backup singer one time.

So, now she's got a new album out called Memories Are Now, and I'd like to pimp it for her some, because she's one of those artists that you probably never heard of. As such, each album sale she makes is a big deal. She makes a living off her art, like I'd like to do some day, so I feel in a way like we are kindred spirits--indy artists struggling along in a cruel, cold world.

She's from California (like me), but lives in Manchester these days (unlike me). So, she doesn't get out to the states to play shows as much as she probably used to do. I looked at her US tour that she's doing with her new album, and it doesn't come anywhere near me. I did see her back in 2013 though.

It was an amazing show, because it was just in some guy's backyard. Apparently, this rich guy brings in lesser known artists all the time and puts on concerts in his backyard, and by chance I found out about it before it actually happened for once.

Since it was such a small scale show, everyone who wanted to got to meet her on their way out. I bought a CD and had her sign it, and got a picture with her.

Despite being such a long time ago, Jesca debuted a few songs from her upcoming album at the concert. Eventually, she was going to get around to releasing them to the public to buy, and now is that time. My favorite song from the new album was one of the songs she played for us in 2013. I recorded some of it. I missed the start, but here's what I got:

The version on the album is even better...I mean you get to hear the whole song and everything, so that's a plus right?

All right. I guess I've said my piece. Check her out. Buy her stuff if you like it. She's given me so much joy over the past few years listening to her music that I feel obligated to give her a plug. Do with it what you will. Thanks.

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