Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Video Question

I've been thinking about doing some kind of video podcast--maybe for the Anklecast, maybe for the Dunesteef, or That Gets My Goat...or all of the above--and so the other day I took some shots with two different cameras that I have. What do you think is better. Option one is a Go Pro (knockoff) that I have, so you have a fisheye kind of lens.

And then this other one is my old iPhone. It has a regular flat look to the lens. Is it better?

To begin with at least, I'm just going to use things that I already have access to, so these are pretty much my only choices. I'll use the Zoom H1 and my lav mic to record the audio, and luckily for me, I have a clapperboard provided to me by one of the great friends of the show, Justin Charles. So, I should be pretty set. Now I just need to try it. What camera should I proceed with? Comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter, or wherever you like...

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