Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daily Food Report #10

Whoops, I almost forgot to do this report today.

It was pizza day at school again, so the kids had their frozen pizza that we cooked up for lunch.  And I snagged this chunk of a piece for myself.  I probably shouldn't, but it's a really small chunk.

Next, I had my breakfast.  Yeah, yeah, that should have been first before the pizza, but I guess I'm a little weird like that.  I had my usual omelette.  Two eggs with chopped onions, mushrooms and green peppers fried into them, a slice of cheese and slice of ham folded into the middle, and a half of an avocado sliced onto the top.

I had my usual snack.

Lunch was pretty standard too.  I had my regular salad and serving of mixed nuts, with it I had a chicken burger.  They're ones we got from Costco.  The package says they have carmelized onions, red bell peppers, and gouda cheese in them.  They're pretty tasty, and, according to the box, they only have 150 calories a piece, so that's good.

Again, my regular snack.

Dinner was much the same as lunch.  Costco sells those chicken burgers wrapped two to a package.  So, I had the second one for dinner, along with nuts and the rest of my salad that I took a picture of at lunch.

My wife was too tired to make dinner for the kids, so she just picked up pizza for them.  I tried not to have any, but it called to me.  So, I tried to grab the smallest piece.  Hopefully I didn't blow it too badly.

Although adding these Wheat Thins to the equation surely only made it worse.

To answer the questions of a few people who asked.  I don't have to eat my dinner at work.  I get of work at 6:30 PM, which is basically right at dinner time.  I don't get home till closer to 7:30 because of my long commute.  I could wait until I get home, and often I do.  But when I get home tends to be my weakest time.  I'm pretty hungry by then, and I'll snack on every naughty thing I can get my hands on if dinner isn't already ready to eat.

Night time is the worst time to cheat, because your body doesn't have time to burn off the calories you eat before shutting down when you go to bed.  So, to stave off that problem, I am trying to eat my dinner before leaving work, and not allowing myself to eat once I get home at all.

Of course, some days I'm more successful than others.  When there's tasty pizza is always going to be one of those bad days.  But, despite giving in to pizza more than once in the same day, I still think I did all right.  I don't think that pizza will affect me too badly.  But, of course, I may not be right.  We'll see what the scale says on Wednesday.

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  1. That makes a lot of sense. I have a crappy commute too but I do get off work at 5, and fortunately my stay-at-home-husband usually has dinner ready close to when I get home at 6. I am pretty famished if I skip my snack at 3 or so.