Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daily Food Report #11

So, I had a protein shake yesterday morning, with strawberries and blueberries in it, as well as some yogurt.  We were out of spinach though, so it's not as healthy as it could be.

Worse yet, the pizza from the night before was still in the fridge.  I had another piece of it.  This one was a big one too, not like the little sliver that I had the night before.  Bad, bad, bad.

They had a sale on fruit trees at Costco, and we've got a big empty backyard to fill, so we were there picking out trees when lunchtime arrived.  Everyone had lunch there.  I looked over their menu, and figured I could eat a hot dog.  I'd already cheated enough with the pizza, so I just ate the dog, no bun.

When we got back, I threw in a serving of nuts.

For dinner, my wife and I went out to Chili's.  I had the Fresh Mex Bowl, which included chicken, avocado, lettuce, pico de gallo, and then there was some brown rice down underneath.  There were tortilla strips on top too, but I think the carb count wasn't too high.  The rice being brown rice surely helped some, I hope.

I also snitched a bunch of my wife's sweet potato fries, as well as two bites of her chicken sandwich.  

Saturday's are hard.  I need more routine to keep me eating right.  Hopefully I'm not weighing too much more now than when I started the day.  I think I did good, but who knows.

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