Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily Food Report #22

I went running yesterday morning.  I need to get going on that more heavily.  Especially since my sister and I are committed to running a marathon this year.  She's getting on my case to get going on our training.  It was only two miles, but I'll be running a five-miler this weekend.  Working back up.

For breakfast, I had a protein shake.  Protein powder, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, spinach, avocado, and water.  It makes a pretty tasty thing:

I had my usual snack, although my stomach was feeling icky by snacktime for some reason.

There were some donuts in the breakroom today, and this one looked particularly tasty.  Somebody had gotten a knife, and cut the majority of it off and eaten it already.  So, I ate the last quarter of it.  I guessed that it wouldn't be the day that I started with the M&M's then.

By lunchtime, my stomach was feeling awful.  I hoped that eating something might help, but I mostly just picked at it.  I ate the corned beef (which actually turned out to be more meat than I had thought it was when I packed it), and the nuts.  But I barely got into the salad before I couldn't eat any more.

I just had gas (full disclosure I guess), unfortunately, it was just hanging out in my innards, making me uncomfortable, instead of blasting out like it should.  It made me feel awful, and I never did finish my salad, eat my second snack, or the dinner that I packed.

Which is probably good, because I was going with Rish to meet Marshal Latham and do some podcasting while he was in town, and we decided to eat at a pizza place.  Their deal was to charge the same $7.99 price for everything, and let you buy as much or as little of it as you wanted.  By this point I was pretty dang hungry, having skipped all my meals, so we each ordered a small pizza, 12 inch I believe, and ate them.

There was a point that I assumed I would have some leftovers that I could save for later, but instead, I ate the whole damned thing.  Rish and Marshal did the same, so it prevented me from feeling like too much of a glutton.  I guess I should be allowed to splurge now and then, right?  My splurges tend to be on the nights I go out with my wife and the nights I go out with Rish.  Maybe, since I overdid it so fully with Rish, I can manage to scale it back when I go out with my wife on Saturday night.

I weighed myself this morning, and I was up a couple of pounds.  Hopefully, I can chip that back down quickly, and continue to lose the rest of the week.  Wish me luck.


  1. I saw Goodie Anklevich eating M&Ms with the devil in the parking lot last night!

  2. I think the couple of pounds was probably from water retention - pizza is pretty sodium-laden. I always notice that I retain water/gain weight with extra sodium.

    Also, doesn't Goodie referring to a wife (i.e. Goodwife, abbrev. Goodie)? Rish, why are you spying on Big's wife?

  3. I totally meant "refer" not "referring" and should probably proofread things before I post them.