Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weigh-In Day #6 And Daily Food Report #21

Okay, I'm getting bad again.  Two days in a row I forgot to take pictures of my food.  This omelette is not the omelette that I ate for breakfast, but it's really similar, so I'm going to use the picture of this one to represent the real one I ate.

The sliced ham that I've been using for snacks ran out, so I got out a new bag from the freezer.  Only it was still way to frozen to peel a piece or two off.  So, I had to bring cheese sticks for snack instead.  We've got fruit again.  I brought strawberries.  And I went by the store last night and picked up more nuts.  So, my snack is more or less complete.

Lunch was Costco rotisserie chicken thigh, nuts, and big salad.

I had a similar snack for between lunch and dinner.

Then at dinner, I had another one of them there legs o' chicken, along with what was left of my salad and a serving of mixed nuts again.

I've done pretty well all week long.  It's been pretty hard.  A person wants a treat every once in a while.  I'm thinking of adding in a small treat each day, something really low in calories.

A week or so ago, I was really early to meet Rish, so I wandered through Target, looking at this and that while I waited.  I found a really good deal on one of my favorite things in the world, mint M&M's. So, I bought two bags, thinking I could incorporate them into my diet routine in small doses.

That was the week that I didn't lose any weight at all, though.  And I was too discouraged/determined to be perfect and lose something to incorporate them that week.  But I think it might be time.  Here's what I weighed this morning:

That's a good weight loss this week, so I'm back in business I guess.  That's 5.8 pounds down from my stagnancy of last week, and if we look back to when I first started this whole thing back on February 4th, I weighed this:

So, fifteen pounds down, exactly, in total.  And all of it in the last three weeks.  Actually more than fifteen in the last three weeks, because I dorked around doing a lot of nothing those first few weeks after I started, and three weeks ago, I was actually higher than what I started at...I think I was at 279.8 then.

But we'll stick with the overall weight loss, since everyone who started with me, started at that time too.  So, my totals, for the whole thing are, 15 lbs. lost, which is 5.69% of my body mass.  I am really excited about how it is going, and am motivated to keep it up.

So, I think I will give myself a few M&M's each day.  I figured out that a serving of them is approximately 24 M&M's.  That makes 210 calories.  So, dividing that up, it's about nine calories per M&M.  I think, if I keep it to only four M&M's each time I eat them, and only once or twice a day, it should make no difference to my progress.

My trick is to keep them in the trunk of my car.  That way, I have to go all the way out to the parking lot any time I want to have a treat.  If I limit myself to four per trip, I should do pretty well, I think.

It worked for me the last time around when I lost all this weight.  I think it will work again.  Help keep me from going berserk.


  1. Great job, Big!

    My total weight loss is at 2.9%, for 4.4 pounds. Sparkpeople is calling it 5 pounds, but they round up so I'm not really counting that yet. I think my problem last week was hormonal, since this week (yesterday) I was actually down 2 pounds from last week. The salty BBQ pork and coleslaw we had for dinner added a little bit, so my weigh in today was 144.4 (1.6 lost from last week). I'm feeling good about it, though, and am feeling stronger. My stomach is definitely flatter, whether from fat loss or muscle toning I don't know. I don't really care, I just want people to never ask me if I'm pregnant again when I'm not.

    Is anyone else still checking in? Marshall? Tobias? Bueller?

  2. Marshal is out of town, I know. Tobias and Jeremy are just MIA. Maybe I should see if I can get their attention via Facebook.