Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Daily Food Report #20

We were out of a lot of groceries yesterday, and I was being dumb still as well.  So, today's food is going to look a little sparse, and that's because it was.  First off, I completely forgot to eat breakfast.  I got ready, and ran out the door, and on the way to work, my stomach rumbled, and I realized why.

But we were out of everything, so I didn't even have a snack.  We'd eaten all our fruit, and hadn't gotten to the grocery store to replace it.  Same goes for the nuts.  So, my first meal of the day came at lunchtime.

I had my usual salad, and one of those Costco chicken thighs for lunch.

For snack after lunch, the only thing I had from my usual snack was three slices of ham.  So, that's what I had.

You'd think taking a picture of the stuff I eat would be an automatic thing by now, but I still space it here and there.  For dinner, I had some barbecue chicken that was leftover from our family dinner on Sunday.  I spaced the picture, and have none.

I do have a picture of the corned beef that I had though.  It was St. Patrick's Day, so my family decided to have corned beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread for dinner.  I'm not a fan of cabbage, and I'm trying to avoid carb heavy breads, but corned beef I will never avoid.  I'll walk a mile, hell, several miles for some corned beef.

So, these are the two strips of it that I ate upon arriving home from work.  It was so good, but I controlled myself, and didn't eat any more of it.  Hopefully, the rest of the leftovers will still be there when the time comes to have them for lunch.  I'm not too optimistic about that happening though.  I'm not the only one in my family that loves corned beef.

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