Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daily Food Report #6

I'm sorry I'm so late for today. I guess I'm getting a little lax. As you will see from today's report.

This was my breakfast.  My usual omelette.

My snack, pretty much the same as always.

My lunch, which included my usual salad, the usual serving of almonds you see below, then a breaded pork chop...the rest of the leftovers that I had some of on Friday...as well as a few wilty strands of asparagus.

My snack again.  Basically the same.

Now, here's where the laxness comes in.  I had another (the final one) of those breaded pork chops for dinner, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  And I didn't even realize that I forgot.  I haven't even quite made it a week, and I'm getting forgetful.  That's not good.  Hopefully this will not become a habit.

Lastly, on my way home, I stopped and bought some mixed nuts from the store, so that I wouldn't have to eat peanut butter to get in my healthy fats on the weekend.  I had a handful of them to go along with my pork chop and finish off my dinner.

I was good, besides my forgetfulness, all day today.  This is really going to work.  Can't wait to weight myself tomorrow and tell you guys how well it has worked.

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