Monday, March 24, 2014

Daily Food Report #26

Today is where it really went wrong, and I don't even have the pictures to prove it.  Which means that I'm a dishonest douche.  The whole point of these blog posts was to keep my ass on track, and make me too ashamed, or at least inconvenienced, to eat like a pig.  But instead, I just ignored the whole thing really.

I think it might be because of this lazy/bad attitude that I've been developing recently where if I'm only going to eat a very small amount of something, then I don't need to take a picture of it.  There's a comment on the blog from last Thursday where one Rish Outfield decried me as a witch : "I saw Goodie Anklevich eating M&M's with the devil in the parking lot last night!"  I never owned up to eating any M&M's at that point, and I just ignored his comment, hoping that he would leave me alone, and my conscience wouldn't have to bother me about it.

But instead, it developed further and further into a bad habit of snacking and not photographing and reporting it.  Sunday was where it came to a head.

In the morning, I had protein shake for breakfast.

Then, according to my photos, I had a snack:

And our dinner, which was ham and egg sandwiches on a pretzel bun roll.

But there's so much that I had in between there that I didn't photograph.

On Saturday, when we went to the store, and I bought a Gatorade, we also bought a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs for my wife.

We bought a bag of Coconut M&M's Speckled Eggs, because I know how much my wife likes them.

And as I said in the last post, we bought a box of Girl Scout cookies too.

None of these things were supposed to be for me, but I partook of them all.  And in small, but, eventually when added up, copious amounts.  I nibbled at these things the whole day through, and by the end of it all, I probably ate 500 to 1,000 or more calories in chocolate and cookies.

This morning, when I weighed myself, it was worse than I thought it could be.  I hope that by Wednesday, I'm at least back to where I started this week out on, because that's really the best I can probably hope for.

I have to recommit to this thing.  I am vowing to not put anything in my mouth besides water without photographing it.  No matter how small the bite might be.  I think it will make a big difference if I do.  I'll surely be less likely to have these backsliding weeks, and I won't have to lose the same pounds twice or more to get past them.


  1. Do you take the photos with your phone? That might make it easier to keep on top of the documenting?

  2. I do take the pictures with my phone. The easiness was not the problem, really. It was more the honesty, and not wanting to bother with taking a picture of little things. But I've got to do that, or else I'll end up like I did Monday morning, weighing much more instead of much less.