Sunday, March 16, 2014

Daily Food Report #18

Saturday is where everything tends to fall apart on me, but for some reason, I was determined to not allow that.  I think it was just the leftover snack from Friday in the fridge.  I guess, since I had the snack already prepared for me, I figured I had to stick to my normal routine or something.  I tend to be lazy at breakfast time on Saturdays, but this time I made my usual omelette.

Unfortunately, things started to go awry from there.  I made a bowl of cereal for my two-year-old, and he ate it vigorously and asked for more.  When I gave him more, however, he wanted to get down from the table instead of eating.  So, I had a whole bowl of cereal...not very full because it was for a two-year-old...but I was loathe to throw it away.  Probably because it's my favorite cereal perhaps of all time, Honey Nut Chex.  So, rather than dump it, like a dad, I ate my kid's leftover cereal.

It's like a dad's duty or something.  I don't know how many times over the years I've been called upon to finish up after my kids.

Anyway, a while later, it was time to eat my leftover snack from yesterday.  That went well.

I went on a little hike with my daughter in the afternoon, so I got some exercise in, and when we got back, I had myself some lunch.  Again, like a dad, I decided I would eat the leftover salad that my daughter hadn't finished from last week.  Along with some chicken strips and, now that I was out of nuts, some peanut butter.

Sadly, the salad had just gotten too old.  The lettuce was pretty gross, so I didn't eat much of that salad. I ate the rest of my lunch though.

I didn't have a snack between lunch and dinner, because I knew I would be going out to eat with my wife, and going out to eat always means extra calories.  We chose an Indian restaurant for dinner, and I had their chicken tikka masala with some paneer naan on the side.  I should have skipped the naan, because it only added carbs that I could have done without, but it was sooooo damn tasty that I couldn't do it.  We really enjoyed this restaurant, and will probably be back again in the future.  So good.

My wife wanted a dessert from the bakery next door to the Indian restaurant, so she bought this thing.  Not even sure what it was called, I forgot.  But it is cake that is dipped in some kind of caramel sauce with chocolate mousse on top.  I only ate a small amount of it.  My wife would give me forkfuls here and there as we drove.  It wasn't very good either, which was sad, considering that it surely did its share in killing my weight loss progress.

Date night is always hard, because it derails my forward motion in the weight loss area.  Hopefully I can still manage to lose some this week.


  1. Wow, you manage to do date night pretty frequently. Good for you guys.

  2. It's kind of a new thing. My wife is working new, even worse hours than before, so we pretty much only see each other on weekends. If we don't take some time together without the kids on those days, then we don't at all. My wife still feels guilty leaving the little guy with the older kids to babysit on Saturday, because she hardly sees him at that day. But She seems him every other day of the week more than she probably wants, so, it's a trade-off.