Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daily Food Report #13

Breakfast was my usual affair.

Snack was the usual affair too.

Lunch was leftover steak strips from last night, and salad and nuts.  Basically the usual affair.

Snack again, usual affair, this time with mango, which is one of the fruits that was stolen from the trees of the gods on Olympus I think, and brought down by Prometheus to make our lives better than fire ever did.

Then I had dinner.  More steak strips, some nuts, and what was still remaining of my salad from lunch.

A few hours later, I met Rish to do our podcasting for the week.  We recorded some lines for a story that is going to run on Podcastle, and read a couple of super short stories that will appear on the Cast of Wonders podcast, as well as a new Incredible Hulk Sketch.

Each time we get together, we always go out to eat.  I tried to pick something that wasn't too bad on the calorie front.  We ended up eating at In 'N Out Burger.  I had a cheeseburger, and Rish tried to keep me from taking a picture of it.  When I refused, he sent this greeting along with the picture.

I think I managed to keep from going overboard too much.  Hopefully it won't be too rough on my weight loss goals.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not eating too few calories.  I know that you have to be somewhere in the sweet spot to really lose weight.  Too many calories and you just keep getting fatter, too few and you hold onto the fat you have instead of losing it.  I suppose I ought to use my app to calculate it out or something.

For now, I'll keep going as is, and try to limit splurges like In 'N Out burgers to a minimum.  Hopefully, that'll get me on my way.


  1. Good job ignoring Rish! I think splurges are fine once in a while... at least, that's what I tell myself.

  2. You know, it's YOUR generation, the one that has to document every single thought and bowel movement they have, that has screwed up this whole idea of privacy. Yippee, I am on the I-81 turnpike! Hey everybody, I am boarding a plane at Heathrow! Hi kids, I'm cheating on my spouse at the Manitoba Four Seasons!

  3. Yes, yes. Thanks for the encouragement, Rish. Sorry about your neighborhood.