Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Food Report #12

It took me a while to get around to breakfast this morning...why?  Well, my son has come down with the flu, and he greeted us this morning by throwing up on the floor in my bedroom as he complained about his stomach aching.  The smell made me a little ill, so I wasn't ready to eat for a while.  Eventually, though, I made a shake with blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, avocado, and yogurt this time, we're all out.  It was yummy though.

Nobody felt like making anything today, so my lunch looks a lot like my usual snacks.  Except for the hot dogs.  I went no bun again, hoping that that at least helps a little.

After this lunch...I had another lunch.

I had a second lunch.  Does that make me some kind of a hobbit or something?  I'm not little like a hobbit, but I sure am fat like them.  Hmmm...well, I probably could have done without it, but I don't think it's what ruined me today.  Because I didn't eat my usual snacks.  Instead I had two lunches.  They probably worked out to the same calorie count I think.

No, this is what ruined me.  My daughter wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, and since it is well known in my family that I am the best at making cookies.  My wife's cookies almost always turn out all flat and crunchy, instead of plump and soft.  So, I had to help her.  Chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough are my bane.  I cannot turn them down.  I did my best to limit my tastes of cookie dough, but I did eat a good spoonful.

Then we had dinner.

Dinner was healthy, so I think I was fine there.  Not a lot of unnecessary calories.  But of course the cookies didn't go away.  We baked a whole batch of them.  I wasn't able to completely deny myself them.  I had this one.

So, that was Sunday.  Weekends are always the toughest for me, because there's so many more opportunities to eat badly.  All in all, I think I did pretty well.  As long as I didn't gain, I should be okay.  Weekdays are when I lose, weekends when I try desperately to stand pat.

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