Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daily Food Report #16

I didn't have a lot of time to make breakfast this morning, so I went with a shake.  I don't know if it was even quicker than making an omelette would have been, but it was surely more portable than an omelette, and easier to eat in the car.

My snack was the same one, bite for bite, as yesterday's.  It's a good thing I like most of this, or dieting would get really tedious.  Wait, what am I saying, it's tedious anyway.  What would be not tedious would be to eat like a total glutton whenever I felt like it, but that's tedious in a different way I guess.  Tedious to lug around all the fat that generates.

After the snack I had my lunch.

Green beans today, because I ran out of time getting ready in the morning, and couldn't chop up all those veggies for my salad.  Chicken burger (with caramelized onions yada yada), and of course, the mixed nuts.

Snack same as yesterday.  Nothing tedious about eating a mango though.  I'd eat those all day long every day of the year if I could.  Sadly, we'll have to buy some more, because we have now run out of the ones we had.

Dinner was another chicken burger...with some nuts and more green beans.  Ta da!

So, today and yesterday were both really good.  I weighed myself this morning, and got a little bit of good news.  Being good is already paying off.  I guess I'll have to keep it up, eh?

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