Monday, March 31, 2014

Daily Food Reports Have Come To An End

So, I had taken pictures for Friday's food, but still haven't gotten around to posting them.  I started taking pictures of Saturday's food, but I only got to the breakfast picture before my daughter told me she needed a camera to take pictures of her costume at the play she was in this weekend.  So, I gave her my phone, and wound up with no phone for the whole day, and no convenient way to get pictures of my food.  On Sunday, maybe because of having done without a camera the day before, I simply neglected to take pictures of everything.

After all this, I've come to a decision.  I think it's time to give up on the published pictures of every single thing that I eat.  For one, it's not working well enough, because I am not taking pictures of every last thing that I eat, like I should.  And two, it has just become really tedious.  I find myself waiting two or three days before finally publishing all the posts about the food that I have eaten.

I think it has served its purpose.  It got me on track, and helped me lose 15 lbs.  But now that I am on track, I think just doing my best, and sticking to my regimen should work to get me where I want to go.  So, I am killing the daily food reports off.

That doesn't mean the weight-loss group is over, or that weigh-ins on Wednesdays will end.  That will continue unabated until I reach my goal of 200 lbs. or die (whichever comes first, hopefully goal fulfillment will come first, but you never know).  So, I still expect you all; Marshal, Tena, Jeremy, Tobias, and anyone else who wants to join in; to stick with it, and report in.

On a related note, I am going to try a really hardcore push this week.  I am going to try to go the entire week, from Monday morning to Monday morning eating absolutely nothing with sugar or carbs in it (not counting vegetables, which have some carbs in them, I guess.  I mean white flour kind of carbs here).  I will report on Monday of next week, whether I succeeded or not.  And maybe I'll even post a picture of whatever it was that caused me to fail if I do.  Yeah, I'll agree to that.  If I fail, I will post my failure for all to see.  That should help me try a little harder.

So, here we go...

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  1. Yay for continuing the weigh-ins, and good luck this week!